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Dr. med. Christian Merettig
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Sports Medicine

Exercise is healthy

Only every fifth person is among those lucky enough to have only heard about back pain. They are usually slim, athletic persons. And that is the reason they don’t have back pain - regular exercise gives you a strong set of muscles that protects your back.

Dr. Merettig’s private practice offers the whole range of sports medicine to determine the current health status of your musculoskeletal system. Test of physical fitness for adults and children. Treatment of overstrained muscle syndromes, strained tendons, torn muscles, and sports injuries of all kinds. Based on your level of physical fitness or your individual health status, a certain sport, a specific training program in the fitness studio, or a personal trainer is recommended.

One thing is important for the specialist in sports medicine – that you enjoy the recommended sport!  Dr. Christian Merettig is himself an active triathlete!